“Die Geschichte vom fliegenden Robert” / “The Story of Flying Robert”

Wo der Wind sie hingetragen,
Ja, das weiß kein Mensch zu sagen

No one ever yet could tell
Where they stopped, or where they fell.

“Robert” introduces us to a protagonist in flux, the gusting winds of change tugging at her once grounded feet. Robert wants to dive into the unknown with abandon, but she fears what may lie ahead. Trying on for size both a measured “adult” pace and “childish” spontaneity, Robert eventually surrenders into her wildest impulses. As Robert joyously tumbles through the streets of Berlin, heroically choosing the solitary, untraveled path, we are invited to question why major life choices and childlike whimsy can’t go hand in hand. And in this new rendering of “The Story of Flying Robert,” we can’t help but wonder what might happen if we, too, embraced our boldest instincts.

10 minutes, 28 seconds
Filmed in Berlin, Germany

Choreographer/Director: Sameena Mitta
Videographer/Video Editor: Alicja Hoppel
Performer: Jie-Hung Connie Shiau
Costume Designer: Sarah Timberlake